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Write your chapter wisely in 2017. . .

\”New Year — a new chapter, new verse or just the same old story?  Ultimately we write it.  The choice is ours\”  –Alex Moritt

A New Year brings infinite new possibilities. A clean slate.  A reason to erase past mistakes and start afresh. We all know that resolutions don\’t always stick. But for a shot at real happiness, try penning a set of personal commandments (an idea borrowed from best-selling author Gretchen Rubin).

I would suggest writing them down and keeping them handy. This may make you laugh, but I have mine scribbled on a post-it note stuck to an ancient, long-expired Bed & Bath coupon. Anytime I\’m stuck in traffic, listening to Justin Beiber’s \’Love Yourself\’ repeat itself for the 4th time in a 60-minute window, I find myself pulling out my handy-dandy list and ruminating on what\’s important.

Here\’s my list. . .to help you get started on your own:

  1. More adventures.
  2. More creating.

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