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“Anoop Ahuja Judge shines at scene setting, in both India and the San Francisco Bay Area, with abundant, lush details.”


“This is an honest and compelling portrait of how long-lasting friendships evolve over the years. It’s also a story about bad choices, good choices, second chances and forgiveness. A great choice for book clubs!”


“The Rummy Club by Anoop Ahuja Judge is fine example of Asian Indian writing. It is engrossing from the beginning to the end and leaves you with questions about Eastern versus Western culture. Also, you realize that women of both cultures suffer some of the same problems in their families. One of the tragedies in this book is one that my own family endured.”

“I loved the Rummy Club by Anoop Ahuja Judge. I really loved the richness and texture she brought to the story and all four women. Their lives were really engaging, each of their voices were unique and their friendship was very fun and relatable.“

“Every once in a while, you come across and author who just “gets it.” This was one of those time. “Women’s Fiction” is frequently sort of a throw-away genre–just a readable story without much meat. Judge, on the other hand, has written a multi-layered story that stands out among the genre.”

“The book tells the story of four Indian women bound by decades of friendship: Alka, a child of privilege and power; Mini, a beauty and a flirt; Priya, a nurturing earth mother; and Divya, who is insecure and envious of her friends. Now in their 40s and living in California, they find comfort and support in their weekly games of rummy — even as their private lives begin to unravel, according to a press release.“

Reviews by non-Indians from Goodreads of The Awakening of Meena Rawat

“I loved your book and all the very real characters that you paint.”


“The characters were genuine and I felt their pulse as if they were real. I sat by a swimming pool and read almost the whole book at once. I was so interested in what was going to happen next!”

—Melinda Iuster

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