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This Thing Called Aging. . .

Bear with me.

I have to tell you something.  It\’s about a thing called aging.

When I was in my 20s, a Jane Fonda devotee, an aerobics instructor at Delhi’s Surya Sofitel Hotel, I laughed inwardly  seeing my 40s-something class huffing and puffing through my routine of high-impact aerobics.  “Jump into the air,” I would yell from my four inch-high bench while my pot-bellied unisex audience would strive to catch their stalling breath.

When I was in my 30s, a young associate at Pillsbury and McKenzie, I dropped my son off to daycare, ran into Department 4 at the San Francisco Superior Court on McAllister Street, trudged home after a long day\’s work and still made the time to hop on the treadmill and run a mile.

The Real Truth About Aging & other writings. . .

Robin Williams died yesterday, of an apparent suicide. He was a comic genius who gave countless laughs and memories to millions.  Yet, he had been battling severe depression of late.  This post is dedicated to him, and the many artists who live with an acute sense of perception and are tormented by their demons. . […]

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