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Anoop Judge

Anoop Judge is an author, TV personality, and a recovering litigator, who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Mercy and Grace: A Novel

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No Ordinary Thursday


The Awakening of Meena Rawat


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“I feel responsible for my son’s death”: The Surge in Student Suicides

By Anoop Judge | February 3, 2021

Baljeet Kaur saw the way they looked at her: at the funeral service, at the temple—which smelled of ghee and of underarm sweat—where a small congregation gathered after the cremation. When they came to the house carrying covered casserole dishes and potted plants. The hushed whispers, the looks of reproach, the pity on their faces. …

“I feel responsible for my son’s death”: The Surge in Student Suicides Read More »

Elderly and Anxious: Desperate to Get a vaccine

By Anoop Judge | January 22, 2021

Rajeev sat at the six-drawer wooden desk that he had bought for twenty dollars at a thrift store when he’d moved to California some three decades ago. It was made of oak and at one time had been a sturdy piece of furniture, probably purchased for some fashionable den or office space in someone’s home …

Elderly and Anxious: Desperate to Get a vaccine Read More »

2020’s Over; Here’s How to Survive 2021!

By Anoop Judge | January 8, 2021

2020 was a challenging year that many would want to bury so deep in their memories that they could forget it. Little wonder that on New Year’s eve people were celebrating the coming of 2021 as a return to ‘normal’ life. And yet, the start of 2021 has shown us that monsters still lurk beneath …

2020’s Over; Here’s How to Survive 2021! Read More »

Creating Lemonade Out of Lemons: Cheers to All Those Who Made the Most of 2020!

By Anoop Judge | December 26, 2020

Anil hears the baby crying upstairs in her nursery. She’s woken up from her mid-day nap. Earlier today than usual, he thinks with a lopsided smile. He hears the sounds as his wife opens the door to the yellow wallpapered room, rocks Arya back and forth, murmuring against her ear. Snatches from a familiar Hindi lullaby crowd …

Creating Lemonade Out of Lemons: Cheers to All Those Who Made the Most of 2020! Read More »

Her Brain has Turned to Mush: Inside Nursing Homes

By Anoop Judge | December 12, 2020

After months of near isolation inside her senior care facility—India Home—Suman Pandey no longer recognizes her daughter, Tanya.  Tanya stumbles out of her mother’s room towards the nursing station just outside, too overwhelmed to speak. She’d expected to see some changes, yes—after four months of not being able to visit Mummy she’d felt her chest …

Her Brain has Turned to Mush: Inside Nursing Homes Read More »

Managing “The Call” with a Literary Agent

By Anoop Judge | November 29, 2020

You’ve spent a year (or six) writing a 90, 000-word Adult fiction novel. You’ve poured sweat, love, and too much midnight oil into it—coming up with an original plot, fleshing out characters that are relatable and memorable, minding the pacing . . . Whew! Then you dive into the querying process and the pain begins …

Managing “The Call” with a Literary Agent Read More »

Why I Write?

By Anoop Judge | November 12, 2020

I was raised in a middle-class family in New Delhi, India, where education was key, fresh pomfret fish for dinner was a treat, and budget-conscious holidays in hill stations defined our summers. As a young girl, I was expected to apply myself at college, get a job that would allow me to be financially self-reliant, …

Why I Write? Read More »

There’s A New Demon in Town: Lord Corona

By Anoop Judge | October 27, 2020

Good thing, it was her shift that night. Reema was sweaty and grumpy. In full PPE (gown, N95 mask, face shield, and gloves) for the past five hours. Every time she exhaled, her glasses and face shield fogged up. She tasted stale air and burnt coffee from breathing in and out through her mask. (Note …

There’s A New Demon in Town: Lord Corona Read More »

Corona on Campus

By Anoop Judge | October 15, 2020

Kavya took a deep breath and released it—exhaling deeply—just as her mother, a yoga teacher, had taught her to do. Last month she had finally set foot at the University of Miami campus—a day she’d been dreaming of since she entered high school. True, college no longer looked as it had when she’d toured the …

Corona on Campus Read More »

The story of

Anoop Judge

Born and raised in New Delhi, I now reside in California. I hold an MFA in Creative Writing at Saint Mary’s College and am the recipient of the 2021–2023 Advisory Board Award and Alumni Scholarship.

I am the author of four novels, The Rummy Club which won the 2015 Beverly Hills Book Award, The Awakening of Meena Rawat, an excerpt of which was nominated for the 2019 Pushcart Prize, No Ordinary Thursday (released on August 1, 2022), and Mercy and Grace, which is now available for pre-order.

A recovering litigator, former T.V. presenter, and blogger, my essays and short stories have appeared in Green Hills Literary Lantern, Rigorous Journal, Lumiere Review, DoubleBack Review, and the Ornament Anthology, among others.

You may also recognize me from the show Gems of Ruby Hill, a reality-TV series streaming on @watchcpics showcasing my life as an author and writer.

I am represented by Jessica Faust,




Best Selling

Mercy and Grace

No Ordinary Thursday

The Awakening of Meena Rawat

The Rummy Club

How has your childhood shaped who you are today?

My two brothers are my siblings. One was two years younger than me and a sturdy, long-limbed boy who would punch me in the gut when our fights became violent. I’d go crying to my mother, who would be the mediator of our skirmishes, but one day my mom said, “Go hit him back. You’re going to live in a world of men. You need to know how to deal with them.” That made me who I am today: a former litigator determined to win in a fight. That lesson served me well when I wound up in the query trenches and spent seven years trying to get traditionally published.

—Anoop Judge

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