Anoop Judge | Author · Writing Instructor · Former T.V. Host​

My City is on Fire

Imagine that you’re a young couple on holiday at an Airbnb in the town of Seven Oaks. You’re there for a month to get away from the madness of the pandemic and social distancing guidelines and the fear of getting sick. Suddenly, you’re caught in the crosshairs of a California wildfire. That’s what happened to Veer and Maya.


Veer had made incredibly good time, mostly because he had jogged the majority of the way. Now he was sweaty and gross, despite the strong wind that kept finding him as he went. At least the run had cleared his head a bit and put him in a more positive mood. It would be lunchtime by the time he got home again. Or, at the least, a late brunch-time, but he and Maya would have something wonderful to eat and, either way, things would be okay.

Anoop Judge is a blogger and an author, who’s lived in the San Francisco-Bay Area for the past 27 years. As an Indian-American writer, her goal is to discuss the diaspora of Indian people in the context of twenty-first century America.