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Dating and Mating During Covid-19

Her son turned 28 last week. Dating was complicated for Avi and often a clumsy dance even in the best of times. Given the pandemic and the fear of a highly contagious virus for which there is yet no cure, he had resisted every conversation Priya tried to have with him about going out and meeting someone.

“Bumble allows virtual or socially distanced-with-a-mask dates,“ she said to him at the dinner table as he spooned for himself a generous helping of the chicken curry and rice. She had made his favorites in readiness for this conversation—crisp masala okra, raita with cucumbers, and Karahi chicken curry. It was a bonus time they were enjoying with him ever since he had moved back home during the coronavirus lockdown, and she was determined to get him hitched. “Or, if you have Zoom fatigue, we can try the Mumbai matchmaker from the show on Netflix that everybody’s been talking about, “ she continued, busying her hands with adding sweet tamarind chutney to a petri dish.

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