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My Adventures at Amangiri . .

What is Amangiri? A wellness spa? A billionaire’s retreat? (Kim Kardashian famously celebrated her 37th birthday here and Miley Cyrus left a day before yours truly descended on the resort.) Is it 600 acres of the Colorado plateau that wraps around the Four Corners, the high point where Arizona, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico meet? Or, is it a land of striking eroded rock formations showcasing the 160 million-year-old geology of the Grand Staircase-Escalante?

It is all that, and more.

Why Go? 10 reasons to visit Portugal this year!

Every year there seems to be one vacation destination among all others that becomes the one most-sought-after, whether by the glitterati, weary parents lugging toddlers behind them or sun-and-thrill seekers. In the last few years, Portugal has become the trendy place to visit. History, great food, and picturesque scenery are just the beginning. Here are 10 reasons why this country—forgotten for decades in the shadows of European giants like France, Italy or Spain—should be on your bucket list.

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