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What To Know Before Your Next Colonoscopy

Dr. Smucny orders a colonoscopy for me and my Pilates instructor who at age 28 has already had one colonoscopy and one endoscopy sniggers and states, \”Hah, I  don\’t envy you that experience.\”  Hmmm . . . I\’m curious and mystified as to what\’s gonna happen, but I think I can safely check off the box that states, \”Not going to be a fun experience!\”

6 p.m., the night prior: I start drinking the prep liquid as instructed, followed by two 16 oz glasses of water to be finished in the same hour.  Whew! Why did nobody warn me this should be labeled \’Draino\’? In other words, once you drink your prep, anticipate incessant bathroom runs.  Add to this that I\’ll probably still be having loose or liquid stools for a couple days after. . .yup, colonoscopy prep is the intestinal gift that just keeps giving!

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