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The Gold-Digging Women of The British Raj*

Princess Brinda Devi’s heart was like the black hole of a coal mine—it was so dense that there was no room for light, and so deep she was afraid it would suck her in. She told herself she pitied Stella, but heard laughter answering her—how difficult it was to deceive yourself when you had known yourself a full thirty-nine years.

She had a servant summon Stella to her sitting room in the afternoon when the Prince had gone to a Royal Heads of State meeting. When Stella came before her, Princess Brinda did not speak, but rose from the Divan and removed Stella’s sari palav from her shoulder, as if in welcome, so she could study the girl.

There\’s A New Demon in Town: Lord Corona

Good thing it was her shift that night.

Reema was sweaty and grumpy. In full PPE (gown, N95 mask, face shield, and gloves) for the past five hours. Every time she exhaled her glasses and face shield fogged up. She tasted stale air and burnt coffee from breathing in and out through her mask. (Note to self: schedule teeth cleaning on a weekend that you are not on call!)

She got a page. Getting a page marked ‘urgent’ was not unusual because the St. Vincent de Paul Modesto Shelter had new admissions all the time for people experiencing homelessness who were positive for Covid-19 and need a safe place to recover. But the content of the page was unusual. A new mom and her two-week-old baby with Covid-19 were on their way to the shelter.

INDIA: The World\’s largest Democracy. . .Or Not?

I just came back from visiting New Delhi and with India having gone to the polls on April 7th, election fever is pitch-high.  From illiterate villagers and untouchable rag-pickers to Mumbai millionaires, almost 815 million citizens are eligible to cast their ballots over the next five weeks–essentially the largest democracy in the world. And yet, […]

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