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The Big Fat Indian Wedding in Quarantine (I\’m a Fly on the Wall Part V)

Day 103 of Covid-19 lockdown restrictions. The sun gleams on my glassy back, the small dark garnet of my eye in its silver socket twitches as I flit from house to house. Slowly swinging myself on a whisker, I balance my little body on the ledge of a window as I peer inside.

* * * * *

It is a beautiful ceremony. The sacred fire is huge under the wedding mandap, a pergola, and Pinky feels the heat from about halfway back in the rows of seats placed six feet apart from each of the guests in the Iyengar’s backyard. She worries a little for Bhumi swath in glittering diamonds and an elaborate red and gold brocade lehenga, which splays out in multiple folds and drapes around her feet.

It does, however, seem to bring greater resonance to each of the seven steps.

Anoop Judge is a blogger and an author, who’s lived in the San Francisco-Bay Area for the past 27 years. As an Indian-American writer, her goal is to discuss the diaspora of Indian people in the context of twenty-first century America.